Boxkesztyű, bokszkesztyű, TopTen, SamanSport
Boxkesztyű, bokszkesztyű, TopTen, SamanSport
Boxkesztyű, bokszkesztyű, TopTen, SamanSport

Boxing gloves “Wrist Star”, Fekete szín, 16 oz méret

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  • Termékkód: 20431-9916
Fogyasztói ár37 990 Ft
Net price29 913 Ft
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A very stylish and very easy-care boxing glove is the “Wrist Star” by Top Ten. The genuine leather gloves are filled with a padding of highly compressed IMF foam and thus offer a high impact absorption in the area of the fingers and knuckles. To better stabilize the wrists, Top Ten has specifically reinforced this area. On the one hand, this can prevent the kinking of your hands, on the other hand, it offers you the opportunity to use your maximum boxing power. Cover and blocks are like a wall with the “Wrist Stars”. In design, the Top Ten Creative Team brings you the stars from the sky. Both the black and the black/gold boxing gloves shine with their star prints on the upper and lower hands. The Top Ten Company logo on the wide and soft rounded hook and loop fastener makes the look in both available weight ranges of 10 and 12 ounces sporty and timeless.

Additional advantages:

  • leather gloves
  • IMF foam padding
  • extra reinforced wrist area
  • Thermoregulation by SpFx lining
  • Sportok: Box/Ökölvívás
  • Típus: boxkesztyű
  • Minősítés: Nem minősített
  • Manufacturer: Top Ten
  • Delivery time: várható kézbesítési idő 7-14 nap
No ratings yet

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