Fitness Gloves, Madmax, Jubilee withw Swarovski Elements, for woman
Fitness Gloves, Madmax, Jubilee withw Swarovski Elements, for woman

Fitness Gloves, Madmax, Jubilee withw Swarovski Elements, for woman

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  • Termékkód: MFG-740
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Female gloves for fitness

On the back of the glove are 13 original SWAROVSKI crystals.

Real multipurpose gloves suitable for varied indoor activities with 25 pcs of CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements.

These gloves fill all requests of women for modern gloves. Mechanical protection of hands during exercising with dumb-bells or on machines is matter of course. Women ask more often for hygienic protection of hands during cardio-activities.
There are mineral salts, grease, microbes and fungi in grips of cardio machines and gloves ensure hygienic protection of hands against fungi and mycosis.

The most of common gloves aren't designed for these activities and ensure only mechanical protection of hands. Women accentuate on aesthetic value of gloves it means they ask the gloves are made in modern colours and modern design and gloves become as fashion accessory.
Gloves must be made from materials ensured high comfort of using (possibility of repeated washing, airiness, transport of moisture and quick drying).

Design of gloves and used materials must contribute to freedom of movement and gloves must not to embarrass during exercising.
We are absolutely sure, that our new gloves from TATTOO collection fill all these requests and offers even more!


  • All used materials are from top class producers from South Korea and ensure possibility of repeated washing it means high hygiene of using, but lightness, airiness, active transport of moisture from hand and quick drying as well.
  • Gloves have been designed to fill function of mechanical and hygienic protection of hands but fill aesthetic request of women and be fashion accessory of modern active women during exercising. Gloves don't limit free movement of whole hand including wrist.
  • 25 pcs of CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements is used on back side of gloves. Each stone is placed by hand and fixed on glove separately, like if you produce jewellery.

Size table:

Measure the circumference of your palm at slightly bent fingers

  • S   16-17,5 cm
  • M  17,5-19 cm
  • L    19-20,5 cm
  • Szín: Fekete-szürke
  • Manufacturer: Madmax
  • Delivery time: várható kézbesítési idő 7-14 nap
No ratings yet

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